aka Esteban Almeida

  • I live in Santiago, Cuba
  • My occupation is Mafia Boss/Sidemen Fan
  • I am Male
  • Jake76567

    This Blog is where the Sidemen was in a TDM Deatchmatch(based on COD.) against my company JHD.(BY THE WAY THIS IS FAN FICTION!)

    First of all let's reveal my team.

    Me - Epic! Harley - Nerd! Daniel - Hyper Dylan - Rage Lloyd - Rich Lewis - Gamer Josh - Sideman Fan?(playing on.)

    Let's GO!!!

    First off Wrotetoshaw dies by committing suicide. Then my squad decides to split up in packs for survival. Miniminter laughs at Behzinga's weight while I drank tons of Juggernaut. Lewis was playing on his phone the entire time. Vikkstar123 and Zerkaa kidnap Harley and brutally torture him with dildos and bondage gear. Vikkstar123 whispers in a sexy voice "just the way I like it." Dylan puts bleach in TBJZL's drink. Hoping for him to drink it. Behzinga says theā€¦

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