TheRealSMA was a YouTuber who played against Wrotetoshaw in 2 FIFA 14 Wagers.

About Edit

First wager match was for 3 Bundesliga TOTS on May 2014. The match between the two ended up 1 all. TheRealSMA decided that if he loses he will give his club to Harry. He did lose and was forced to lose IF Koscielny and his 3 Bundesliga TOTS!!

Harry thought it was over but then...

2 months later the 90 rated Legend Card Romario on FIFA 14 was gone off packs forever due to licensing issues with Harry equiring one and challenged everyone for a wager match. Everyone was scared but not TheRealSMA. His club name was Revenge and decided to accept.

They played and TheRealSMA was winning 5-0, this got Harry so angry that he tried to throw his chair out the window! To make matters worse he accidentally put a boost on the card.

They haven't played since because Wrotetoshaw now rarely uploads FIFA while TheRealSMA barely uploads himself!

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