Joseph "Joe" Sugg is an English YouTuber and author. He is known for his YouTube channels ThatcherJoe, ThatcherJoeVlogs and ThatcherJoeGames. Joe occasionally collaborates with certain members of the Sidemen.

He is 26 years old as was born on 8 September 1991.

Background Edit

Joe is the younger brother of Zoe Sugg, also known as YouTube vlogger personality Zoella. He lives in London where he now owns his own house. He formerly lived with roommate and YouTube star Caspar Lee. His videos consist of challenges, pranks, and impressions.

Sidemen AffiliationEdit

Joe can be seen in many different vlogs and videos made and uploaded by various members of the Sidemen. They are clearly friends and KSI even traveled to Los Angeles on holiday with him.

The fans however, contrast dramatically. Many fans of the Sidemen have suggested that they film specific "challenge" videos with ThatcherJoe (and other "vloggers" like him

such as Caspar and Oli White). KSI and miniminter have both said they are up for any sort of collaboration (as would, presumably, other members of the group) however the fan base have other ideas.

Joe's style of video appeals to a "friendly" audience, typically comprising of young females. His videos are typically light in tone and inexplicit. In contrast to this, the vast majority of the Sidemen fanbase are young males. As apparent by the comments section, many users would be unhappy with such collaborations for unclear reasons which are typically unjustified.

Joe finally appeared in a Cards Against Humanity game with 5 Sidemen in October 2016. He ended up winning. This appearance led to fans demanding some sort of in-real-life collaboration.

Gallery Edit

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