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The Sidemen House is a house in which four of the Sidemen live. It is dubbed The Sidemen House, taking the name of the former house. Neither of the Sidemen have made a house tour, but many aspects of the house have already been seen such as Vik's, Simon's, JJ's and Josh's rooms as well as their kitchen, a swimming pool and a huge backyard with a fountain.


The house is located in Orpington, Greater London. The exact location will not be revealed for privacy reasons. The Sidemen moved into the house in early 2016. Many fans suggested they had moved house when the locations of their videos began to change. The occupants of the Sidemen house are Simon, Vik, KSI and Josh.

As well as members of the Sidemen, Lewis Redman and (Josh's girlfriend) Freya Nightingale also live in the Sidemen House, allegedly. This is as a result of them working for the Sidemen Clothing branch.

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