Not to be confused with the Ultimate Sidemen.

Although commonly referred to a supporting musician in a jazz band or rock group, the most popular slang term for a sideman is an irrelevant or powerless guy in a group. Also known as a "flower-man", a "sideman" shows signs of "moist" and "soggy" behavior.

It is thought that the 'Ultimate Sidemen' acquired their name from this latter defintion.

According to the Urban Dictionary, there are two types of "sidemen":

  1. The 'Bupsed guy' who finances a girls shopping sprees and recieves no sex in return.
  2. The general wetwipe; often a guy who is emotionally unstable, and isn't rated by anyone - not even friends.


  • The female counterpart to a 'Sideman' is allegedly a 'Sidechick'.
  • Other slang definitions for a "sideman" is a person who just copies everything someone else does, as well as just a general idiot or "jackass".

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