This is a list of some of the popular friends and associates of the Sidemen online.

For a full list, see Catagory:Online Associates.

Online AssociatesEdit

Associate YouTuber Real Name Notes
Ali-A Alastair Aiken Regularly meet up at events
BajanCanadian Mitch Hughes Southampton football match - rival
bateson87 Jamie Bateson Fellow FIFA YouTuber
Calfreezy Callum Airey Lives with wroetoshaw
Callux Callum McGinley Lives with wroetoshaw
CapgunTom Tom Played in Southampton
Caspar Caspar Lee Filmed a movie with Olajide Olatunji
ChrisMD Chris Dixon Films IRL football videos
ComedyShortsGamer Deji Olatunji Brother of Olajide Olatunji
Fangs Jesse Close friends with miniminter
FIFAManny Manny Brown Brother of Tobi
FifaRalle Rasmus Klaustrup Fellow FIFA YouTuber
HurderOfBuffalo George Benson Participated in charity match
Lachlan Lachlan Ross Power Close friends with Vikkstar123
Jelly Jelle Van Vucht "Robust" - meet at gaming events
JME Jamie Adenuga Co-creator of the Sidemen - Rapper
Joe Weller Joe Weller Regular vistor to Stratford Halo
Kwebbelkop Jordi Van den Bussche "Robust" - meet at gaming events
OliWhiteTV Oliver White Vlogger. Played for YouTube Allstars
Marcus Marcus Butler Played for Sidemen F.C. in 2016
MomoFifaHD Komivi Momo Golo Occassionally collaborates
Nepenthez Craig Douglas Occassionally collaborates
Slogoman Josh Temple "Robust" - meet at gaming events
Spencer FC Spencer Fellow FIFA YouTuber
ThatcherJoe Joe Sugg Friend of KSI and miniminter
TheBurntChip Josh Films IRL football videos
TheGamingLemon Bradley Leman "Robust" - meet at gaming events
TheSyndicateProject Tom Cassell  Close friends with the group


Tobias Dobson Participated in charity match
KSI Olajide Olatunji Formerly a member of the Sidemen

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