What's up guy's Nepenthez here, And welcome back to...
— Nepenthez intro.

Craig Douglas (Born:31,October 1984), mostly known as NepentheZ is an associate of the Ultimate Sidemen. He is 31 years old and often collaborates with them in YouTube videos. He posts FIFA and real-life videos and has over 1 million subscribers.He often plays fifa with his bestfriend aa9skilz.

Personal Life

NepentheZ has a girlfriend and a daughter named Grace. His real name is Craig Douglas, and he is a British YouTuber mainly known for making videos of the video game series "Fifa"

NepentheZ' has made collaborations with Large YouTube channels like Calfreezy and KSI , making him one of the more important and a creative force in a rising community . Craig has joined many projects i.e : -Wembley cup of Spencer Owen

Sidemen charity game in Southampton as a player in youtube all stars FC Neppo has a very big influence on the ULTIMATE TEAM community as he has shed light on many big issues and "glitches" such as the know famous "chemistry glitch" and " fitness glitch" in Fifa 16

He also streams on twitch with a very large following

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