"Mundian to Bach Ke" (English:Beware of the Boys) is a song originally performed by Punjabi artist Labh Janjua.

It has since been remixed by British artist Panjabi MC.

The Sidemen Edit

This song is typically associated with Vikkstar123 among the fans and followers of the Ultimate Sidemen. Some have even started referring to it as "Vik's Theme" because - due to his Asian decent - other members of the Sidemen have used this music whenever Vik features in their YouTube videos.

This song is used on Vik's 'Sidemen Diss Track reply - The end'. Where he disses deji for the disstrack on Sidemen.

The song is also the theme for The Dictator, a 2012 comedy film starring Sacha Baron Cohen. This is most likely where the Sidemen discovered it.

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