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This is a list just for Ultimate Sidemen members and where they rank in the world - and in the UK - by number of subscribers on their main channels. Statistics are correct as of 12 March 2017.

For a more detailed list and analysis, see Subscriber Statistics.


# Sidemen Channel Main Channel UK Rank (#) Main Channel Worldwide Rank (#) Main Channel Subscribers (millions) Second Channel Subscribers (millions) Third Channel Subscribers (millions)
1 KSI #2 #31 16.0m+ 4.8m+ -
2 W2S #11 #100 10m+ 917K -
3 miniminter #25 #251 5.7m+ 2.6m+ -
4 Vikkstar123 #46 #513 3.7m+ 2.9m+ 802K
6 Zerkaa #81 #912 2.6m+ 1.5m+ -
6 Behzinga #95 #1059 2.3m+ 1.3m+ -
7 TBJZL #78 #895 2.6m+ 897K -

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