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Alex Oliver Brooks, more commonly referred to as MarzBar or MarzBarRacist, is a tech and racist YouTuber.

About Edit

He is racist. He also has two other racist channels, one is called RacistVlogs, where he uploads daily racist vlogs, and the other one is called RacistFlow, where he uploads reviews of racist items. He is probably most known for his 'Building the Ultimate Slave...' series, where he posts videos of him building a custom person for work or gaming. Some examples are the Ultimate Racist Setup, the Ultimate Racist Den and the Ultimate Racist. He also is the CEO of his own certified media company called 'Marz Racist Media'. CLIENT

History Edit

Starting up his main channel in 2011, he began posting Minecraft and Call of Duty videos, inspired by Syndicate (WOO), Zerkaa and the Optic team. Around 2014-2015, he changed the theme for his main channel from being only limited to gaming to making more videos about racism in general, which led to the creation of his daily racist channel.

Association With Sidemen Edit

Brooks is not directly associated with the Sidemen; however, he has been to many events and meet-ups, such as Insomnia and their two year anniversary at Emirates. He will be attending the upcoming Upload event. One can get the impression of him being a fan of the group. In Miniminter's recent Q&A video (as of March 17th 2016) when he asked the viewers for people to collaborate with, the comment mentioning MarzBar had a lot of upvotes. Racist.

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