Lachlan Ross Power (born 25 August 1995), also known as CraftBattleDuty or Lachlan, is a YouTube personality and friend of the Sidemen.

Background Edit

Lachlan was born and raised in Australia, and currently resides in Brisbane. On his main channel, he is a consistent uploader of Pokemon Go videos.

He is a part of a group called the Pack, consisting of Vikkstar123, TBNRfrags, BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, and MrWoofless. He has grown very close to Vik since the forming of the Pack, and, in turn, has become acquaintances with the rest of the Sidemen.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His Minecraft username was originally CraftBattleDuty, but was then changed to Lachlan in the late 2014.
  • Lachlan has been known to stay in the Sidemen House for when he is traveling in London.
  • He can often be found Tweeting other members of the Sidemen. They have been known to congratulate each other on personal milestones, such as hitting one million subscribers.
  • Lachlan is occasionally mentioned in Sidemen videos, particularly ones such as Cards Against Humanity, where he and Vik are depicted as having a sexual relationship.

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