Olajide "Jide" Olatunji Sr. (born 28 August 1960) is the father of KSI and ComedyShortsGamer.

He is of Nigerian descent and has a wife called Yinka, whom he has been with for around 26 years.

Background Edit

Jide was born on 28 August 1960. It has been confirmed that Jide's real name is Olajide Olatunji making KSI's legal name 'Olajide Olatunji, Jr.'.

Jide features heavily in many of Deji's YouTube videos, and is often used as the cameraman. Because of this, many commentators have suggested Jide create his own YouTube channel since he carries most of the weight of the ComedyShortsGamer channel.

He also adopted Deji Olatunji from the gutters. He also goes round burger king eating chips with his Deji boy dayum straigt boo.

Gallery Edit

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