Freya Nightingale is an associate of the Sidemen and also the girlfriend of Zerkaa. Alongside Lewis Redman, she runs the Sidemen Clothing range and is occassionally referred to as "The Merch Queen".


Freya grew up in London near Josh. They began a relationship around 2011 after Freya liked one of Josh's Facebook photos. She admits the situation was very random but it has all worked out for the better. Freya finished college and worked as an estate agent for over a year before Josh asked her to help them out with the Sidemen clothing branch (as he could see she was unhappy with her job as an estate agent).

Freya initially agreed to work for the Sidemen for just a month but a month turned into years and she has been working for them ever since.


In the early days, Lewis and Freya would arrive at the old Sidemen House around noon and spend the day sifting through all the thousands of email orders that the Sidemen received from all over the world. They would personally package the UK orders and take them to the post office (international orders were sorted differently). Upon completion of sorting the days orders, the two of them would always be looking for new suppliers and products to make sure the Sidemen range was as up to date as possible.

Although unconfirmed, it is rumoured that she permanently lives in the current Sidemen House with Josh. This would make sense as it is easier for her to carry out her work. Freya and Lewis conduct all current business from the double-garage in the house.

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