Andrew Matthews (also known as D-Dot Shifty, Shifty, cunt or Homeless Guy) is a friend of the Sidemen in real life, and is known for being in their real-life challenge videos. Shifty is also part of a pro clubs league. He recommends you sign up. NOW.

About Shifty Edit

Shifty is known for being in the Sidemen's football challenge videos, and appears in many streams, such as TBJZL's stream. He is also known for being in many real life vlogs, such as vacation vlogs or "behind-the-scenes" videos.

He does not upload often on YouTube anymore. However, he mainly makes club montages, and his most recent video has gained around four thousand views. He is known for being quite good at clubs.

Shifty mostly enjoys late night 2 man sessions with PremTeke or the boy Dow. Currently up top in VFL PSG with MC Woodballs/SS WINNER.

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