This is a list of catchphrases often affiliated with the Ultimate Sidemen.

"Got the Boost, Boys!" Edit

This catchphrase is usually stated (typically in a high-pitch tone) by any of the seven Sidemen who achieve the boosted launch at the start of a race in Grand Theft Auto V. This catchphrase was started by Ethan.

"Oh my Days!" Edit

Originally exclaimed by wroetoshaw whenever he failed at FIFA, this phrase has since been adopted by the other Sidemen if they make a mistake in a game or if something negative happens to them.

"You're a Prick!" Edit

The derogatory word "prick" is heavily emphasised whenever one of the Sidemen uses this insult. It is usually aimed at each other, particularly at Vikkstar123 when he is "stabilising" in Grand Theft Auto V.

"Sweg" Edit

The mispronunciation of the word "swag" is a common trait amongst the Sidemen. They use it to refer to the slipstream in GTAV, claiming to "get each others' sweg lines".

"Twice the Wheels, Twice the Fastness" Edit

This is typically exclaimed by Vikkstar123 when he chooses a quad-bike instead of a motorbike in Grand Theft Auto V. He claims that this choice of vehicle makes him travel twice as fast as he has twice as many wheels.

"The Power of Emon"Edit

This phrase is said simultaneously by miniminter and Behzinga whenever they perform something exciting together in a GTA race. It is a reference to the fictional sexual relationship between the pair. It's usually sung to the tune of 'The Power Of Love.'

"Elmetboy Origins"Edit

Usually said by Vik (who leaves the "H" silent) when he gets out of a hard situation in Grand Theft Auto V, or if he doesn't die from another Sideman's action.

"That/this is so AIDS"Edit

This controversial remark has lessened in usage over the past year, but is still said to describe anything negative that happens to the Sidemen in numerous games that they play. Many fans/followers however, suggest that the phrase is in bad taste because, obviously, AIDS is a horrific and life-threatening virus. This is thought to be the reason for them cutting down on its usage.

These are commonly used by Zerkaa or Wroetoshaw.

Spawn AIDSEdit

A related phrase (also occasionally shortened to "Spaids"), which is said when a Sideman respawns in their GTA vehicle only to immediately fall again repeatedly due to glitches related to the checkpoint they're on, causing him to go into a seemingly infinite loop of respawning.

"Oooooh, f**k ya mum" Edit

When Josh is struggling in a game, such as GTA V, he will use this phrase to express his anger in a unique way.

"Have a shot mate!" Edit

This phrase is most often used by Josh in his FIFA videos. Because of this video, the other Sidemen occasionally tease Josh about his constant use of this phrase.

"I CBA/F!" Edit

When Harry is pissed off in his FIFA videos, he usually says "I CBA anymore." CBA stands for "can't be arsed." When he gets to be even more frustrated, he says "I CBF..." which stands for "I can't be f**ked."

"Nooo, bastard!" Edit

Usually used by Josh when something doesn't go his way, for example if he's getting killed in Call of Duty.

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