Balderdash, also known by his ex name (Chaetophobian), is a Canadian YouTuber, known for making illuminati confirmed videos on the Sidemen, other YouTubers and famous people.

Content Edit

A YouTube user named 'Balderdash' creates in-depth, comedic videos arguing how/why certain individuals are a part of this organisation. The satirical content includes links between completely irrelevant facts, with numerous references to triangles (linking it to the logo of the organisations).

Sidemen Affiliations Edit

Balderdash first got promoted on KSI's YouTube channel; KSI made a reaction video on his video The Secret KSI Has Been Hiding (KSI is Illuminati). After KSI made the video, Each of the seven Sidemen have had a video made about them claiming that they are a part of the Illuminati. All of them (minus wroetoshaw - no surprise there), have uploaded a "reaction" to their video.

Videos (SDMN) Edit

The Illuminati is a name given to several groups (both real and fictitious). The name is often used to refer to secrecy and conspiracies.

Original Link Reaction Link
"KSI is Illuminati"
"Simon is Illuminati"
"Josh is Illuminati"
"Harry is Illuminati" N/A
"Vik is Illuminati"
"Tobi is Illuminati"
"Ethan is Illuminati"

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