Ali, also known as AnEsonGib, is a YouTuber and friend of the Sidemen.

About Edit

Ali is a notorious FIFA player and is well known for his Ultimate Team pack luck. He refers to himself as the "pack king", due to him getting high rated players in the packs.

His first breakthrough was after playing KSI and Wroetoshaw in FIFA 14 wagers. Since then, he has been doing a lot of collabs with Harry, mostly around the FIFA franchise. He also participated in the 2016 charity football match in Southampton, for the YouTube Allstars.

Ali lives in the Stratford Halo tower. He shares a flat with MaxPlaysFifa. This was confirmed in one of Max's videos, titled "Incredible Room Swap Revenge Prank".

In Harry's "PAINFUL QUICKFIRE QUESTIONS" video, Ali admitted his penis is 5.4 inches.

Gallery Edit

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