This is a list of the Ultimate Sidemen by age and date of birth.

If a Sideman has the same coloured "notes" box as another Sideman (or Sidemen), this indicates that they were in the same school year.

This page has been created to settle some common misconceptions between the age and the individual school years of the Sidemen. Please note that this feature may not be visible on mobile.


# Sideman Age D.O.B Notes
1 Zerkaa 24 4 September 1992
2 miniminter 24 7 September 1992
3 TBJZL 24 8 April 1993
4 KSI 24 19 June 1993
5 Behzinga 22 20 June 1995
6 Vikkstar123 21 2 August 1995
7 Wroetoshaw 20 24 November 1996

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