2015 was the year in which the popularity of the Ultimate Sidemen skyrocketed.

Events Edit

In 2015, the group were given opportunities that, 3 or 4 years ago, none of them could have imagined. KSIOlajideBT published his first book (I Am a Bellend), filmed a feature-length movie with Caspar Lee, appeared on mainstream UK television and truly entered the music industry.

In March, the Sidemen took to the USA for the first time. A return trip was on the cards in June when some - but not all - members of the group visited Los Angeles with many of their online associates.

On top of the usual challenge videos, which were more unique and professional than ever before, the Sidemen attended multiple gaming conventions across both Europe and the UK. The most notable of these being Insomnia 54 in April.

TBJZL passed his driving test in January and bought an Audi A3 in February, while Vikkstar123 unveiled an Aston Martin V8 Vantage in May.

2015 was also the year of the SwegWay. By the summer, almost every YouTuber owned one of these boards and miniminter admitted to pleasuring himself whilst riding one. Unfortunately, the boards were banned for public use in the UK among many other locations around the world just a few months later.

Wroetoshaw had his nudes leaked in the Twitter hack of April and bought a new Lamborghini in August, whilst Ethan became the last member of the Sidemen to surpass one million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

Celebratory Videos Edit

Sideman Video Link Upload Date
Behzinga N/A N/A
KSIOlajideBT 17 December 2015
miniminter 31 December 2015
TBJZL 31 December 2015
Vikkstar123 30 December 2015
wroetoshaw 29 November 2015
Zerkaa 30 December 2015


Ethan Payne
Harry Lewis
Josh Bradley
Olajide "JJ" Olatunj
Simon Minter
Tobi Brown
Vikram Barn

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